So I guess we will start off with the good news of finishing in 10th spot. 10th out of 14 drivers. Two of those were out within the first 100 laps. So more like 10 out of 12 active drivers. 8 laps down. Only two drivers were on the lead lap and that sort of where my annoyance begins to comes from. There seems to be an increasingly obvious skill and experience level difference between a good number of drivers that show up on Saturday night.

There isn’t much to say about the race. I got my first set of tires to last almost 100 laps and was quite proud of that. I was expecting a caution that finally came on lap 197/200. So I guess I used a bad strategy that did not pay off in the end. Perhaps next time I’ll use the same strategy as the fast guys and that might put me in a better position to be at least on the lead lap. We will take the small victory of conserving tire wear much longer then I initially felt I would. On to next week and that’s at Talladega with open setups.

Results: 10th -8 laps
Race replay provided by Mr. Johnson